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Make Time to Relax—We Have a Rejuvenating Massage Option for Everyone!

Our Massage Services

We offer ¼-hour, ½-hour, 1-hour, and 1 ½-hour massages.

  • Relaxing Massage—A flowing massage using light oil/lotion.
  • Therapeutic Massage—A deep tissue massage to relieve stress & tight muscles.
  • Prenatal Massage—Conducted with doctor’s permission, after the first trimester; delivers relief for the neck & shoulders, lower back & legs. A Prego Pillow is used, which allows expectant mothers to safely lie on their stomachs.
  • Half Hour Relief—Choose your problem area and receive targeted relief.
  • Mini Seated Chair Massage—Perfect for those who are short on time or apprehensive about massage treatment. Clients remain fully clothed.
  • Hot Stone—Warm stone penetrates muscle layers for pain relief and deep relaxation.
  • Reflexology—Nerve points stimulated in the feet bring balance and relief to corresponding areas and organs of the body.

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